I design for belongingstar

bug flower Kristen

I'm Kristen

social designer &
community strategist

My speciality is
digital community building

  • social UX for community products
  • practices, rituals, and games
  • depth of relationship

I often collaborate
with startups

  • early-stage companies
  • social & communal experiences
  • org strategies & structures
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It's all about belonging

To belong is to be home, it's our relationships with one another - our social fabric.

I love the richness of complexity and possibilities in designing for belonging in a digital age. Not only do we want to feel at home when we're in-person together, but also online.

For me, belonging is an inexplicable yet familiar sensation of connection, love & joy. It's kinda like when you see a friend after time apart. Bringing belonging to digital experiences is my highest aspiration.