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community, belonging, and all the things which stick these together

Greetings Social Sensemaker

…in the vast expanse of the digital realm, small islands of coherence have emerged in the looming shadow of “Big Tech”. Small but mighty, these pockets are exploring the frontiers of interconnected media and human connection…

Relational - A Social Tech R&D Lab

Reflecting on a work-in-progress. Over the past four years, alongside a group of friends I'd now consider as family, we've co-created a self-funded social technology R&D lab. What started as a foray into building software and bootstrapping a tech company, has evolved into something much more prescient, alive, and valuable.

Culture, Collective Memory, and Blockchains

When you think about blockchain technology, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it's your crypto portfolio. Maybe you ponder how decentralized governance works. Or you consider the future of NFTs.

Simple Call and Response Prompting for web3

Over the past few years, I've done a lot of prompt-based group writing experimentation. The general idea is a well-crafted prompt gets the gears of the mind turning, which gets us thinking, and facilitates our ability to produce interesting written responses.

A Social Tech Perspective of web3

In April, 2022, I gave a talk to a Master of Science in Finance class at the Loyola University Chicago where a close friend is an adjunct professor. The theme of the class was crypto, and my friend thought I'd round-out the conversation.

Web3 is Social Tech

As a clinically trained social worker building web3 software tools to improve human relationships, connecting the dots of how I got here is a worthy endeavor.